lonely lovely city

lonely lovely city

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Walking and Browsing

This has been a good week. I did some more shopping for my apartment with a decorative pillow I inadvertently stumbled upon on 11th and University. It is the perfect compliment to the modern motif of my apartment. I then discovered a cafe that was once inhabited by Dean and Duluca. It is now this fabulous, sleek tea house with every possible tea nuance you can imagine. Think lime infused ice tea with sprigs of mint or my favorite: coconut bubble tea. The fresh scent that lingered reminded me of stepping into a clean, new vehicle.

On my way home to meet up with a close friend, I finally stopped by a shop that houses some of the most stunning, sought after dresses I have ever seen. Usually at night when I walk home from work, I admire the beauty in the store window. Simple and elegant. As someone who will never fit into or even purchase a wedding dress, I can appreciate the sheer beauty that it offers. I had to stand there and take a picture. Just being there in the moment made me realize how truly lucky I am. While I rant and complain on this blog about the things I don't have or the complexities of human nature, I am fortunate.

While it is a warm and muggy August day, I have the fortune to buy myself little things that make me happy. Items like the pillow or my expensive to go cup of tea brought me such joy. Just having the time on my day off to squander around Manhattan after a workout and just be and rediscover gave me a sense of peace. I even took another photo of this Church on Broadway and Tenth. It is so reminiscent of France and Germany. I always have a bit of nostalgia when I see it.

As next week evolves, I am going to Portugal for a much needed eight day vacation. I feel grateful, yet I feel exhausted for all the things I have to take care of when I return. I will have to resume my full-time job, full-time career as a student, find a way to pay for my tuition and return to my therapist for our weekly sessions. Even though I have a lot on my plate, I am trying to enjoy all of it. I am alive and I am here-breathing and thinking.

While I wait for love to plot it's head into my lap or wait to see if the book I am writing will find it's voice, I don't want to think too much. Just a mere walk around my neighborhood, time with friends, air to breathe and goals that I know will be accomplished are indications that I am locating content in the harbor of a perplexing and unfinished life.