lonely lovely city

lonely lovely city

Friday, January 4, 2013

Outfits and Beginnings

A new year. A new brand of thinking. This is a first for me. I am not issuing any new year's resolutions for 2013. A couple of minor twitches here and there, but nothing beyond realistic. I don't know about you, but I don't want or need to adhere to that much pressure. Daily life is complicated enough.

What I will admit to working on is social networking. It is not one of my better attributes. I often figure if someone doesn't reach out, then I should just let it be, and move on. Whether it is a position I am applying for, a person I am slated to meet, or an event I have scheduled, I tend to back out when the latter cancels. Lazy no. Passive? Perhaps.

In hindsight, I realize I need to become more aggressive, more willing to put my name out there. A few hours ago, I came across an article about the art of interviewing and what one needs to do before and after the interview, and how social media and selling yourself plays into the entire process. Of course I knew all of this, but it helped to read it, understanding well what is required of us in this modern age.

My sister in law recently said something in the passing year that stuck. She says that if one doesn't adapt to the ever changing world, you will be left behind, possibly even forgotten. She's right. Adapting is probably the most successful curve when it comes to searching for a new career or even how we present ourselves to this ever changing globe. If we don't stretch, how do we grow?

As I interview for new and exciting possibilities in the employment realm, I am going to place my best foot forward, think positively, and believe in good things. I presumed that success was contingent on education and luck for a number of years. While I still imagine it has something to do with both, it also has much to do with who you know, how you are coming across towards others, and what your true underlying intentions actually are. Firsthand, I know that body language signifies a lot, ultimately illustrating our goals.

Also, dressing for the part is key. In order to be perceived how we want, looking the part is what separates us from others. It says, I want this job, and I just spent $1000 on a blue suit from Bloomingdales to prove it. I like how the picture above explains aesthetic choices and how each suit can craft the look you desire.

I love how organized they all are, the textures of the different fabrics, the distinguished colors, and the weight of each suit. I feel an air of confidence and assertiveness as I march into an office of a prospective employer. Perhaps it is the notion of feeling pressed and clean.

Until I am offered a position I am excited about, I will make it a point to be pro-active. In the meantime, I will be also on the hunt for stylish suits that won't cost an arm and leg. After all this is NYC, anything is possible, especially locating a boutique with designer names. Happy New Year!