lonely lovely city

lonely lovely city

Sunday, November 17, 2013

People are crazy

I had two random altercations with strangers yesterday. One began in the park. I was walking to meet a friend when a middle aged man was walking his dog. He must have been lost in his own little world, as many New Yorkers are, when I walked in front of him, trying to avoid getting caught. He looked at my path and didn't move the leashed four legged mut out of the way or even say excuse me. I waited for a few seconds and he did nothing, just stared, and gave an evil look. I took a deep breath and stomped my feet over his leash only to have him laugh out loud and say, "Whatever bitch."

The other incident occurred a few hours later when I was walking on Christopher Street. A woman was trying to open a door at a store with a stroller in hand. I opened it like a good gentleman that I was raised to be and waited for her to go inside. Another person walked through the door as well. She answered her cell phone and carried on like I wasn't there and said nothing. "You're welcome," I said as I shut the door. She apparently heard and opened the door, screaming, "If you do something nice, don't expect anything in return. Just a tip for the future."

WTF? How can two asses behave like this and think it is okay. While I realize this is NY, we should still be civilized adults. Since when do others feel the need to be awful, direct and confrontational? I've been in the position of wanting to confront individuals for being rude, yet I usually say nothing, the passive person I sometimes am. And referring back to my behavior, I honestly didn't feel what I did or said was rude. I was trying to avoid his pet. And, I just opened the door, not expecting praise, but stunned how entitled some people are. What is this? The UES? I am miffed regarding the lack of regard from others in this overcrowded borough.

Just because one lives in NY, it does not mean that you are granted free reign to say whatever you think, whenever you want, to whomever you wish. Just when you think you're fine, minding your own business, a random stranger emerges and sets you off.

On the way home, I scratched my head and wondered why I am still living here after thirteen years.

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